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Help Students Learn a New Approach to Aging and Caregiving

Powerful Interactive Online Programs

The CONNECTIONS™ programs are exceptional, high quality educational tools that align with the key core competencies of gerontological education in many professional disciplines. The programs prepare students to improve the quality of life and promote the well-being of persons they will serve through documentary style film and learner-centered interactivity.


Students learn a framework for empowered aging

  • Supporting adaptation during life transitions.
  • Teaching risk-taking to create new experiences, learning, and leadership.
  • Promoting strong social networks and informal supports for well-being.
  • Generating new experiences of meaning and purpose.
  • Reflecting on wisdom and lessons gained.
  • Practicing self-care as an approach to life design.
  • Planning for the practicalities and preferences of aging and death.
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Students learn a framework for healthy caregiving and care receiving

  • Adapting to continuous change
  • Developing a network of shared responsibility
  • Coordinating, problem solving, planning
  • Creating flexible boundaries 
  • Finding balance and wellbeing
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