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A Video Learning Series


Moving the Needle on Health and Well-Being in Aging and Caregiving


Helps individuals focus on what matters most to them.


Creates skills of self-care and emotional well-being.


Fosters healthy behaviors and positive attitudes.





Real Stories. Real Wisdom.

Programs created by elders and caregivers, for elders and caregivers


A New Path Forward for Aging

Creating What's Next™ uses documentary video, self-reflective exercises and community support to improve psychosocial determinants of health. It uplifts, connects and changes behavior.  

Assessment Tool

A New Path Forward for Caregiving

Changing Perspectives™ uses documentary video, self-reflective exercises and community support to foster a new perspective on caregiving.  It deepens self-care, empowers the caregiving relationship and enables greater health and well-being.


Who Benefits from Our Programs?

The Connections™ programs are an easy and scalable solution for organizations that support older adults and their caregivers.  It is a fun, uplifting way to build community AND directly impact the health and well-being of individuals along the way.


Why Choose the Connections™ Programs

  • Scalable across organizations
  • Proven, proprietary technology of behavior change skills
  • Practical indicators of psychosocial determinants of health (PSDoH)
  • Increases resilience, purpose in life, social connectedness, choice and optimism
  • Likely to reduce healthcare utilization costs
  • Easy facilitation with Facilitation Guide

"This program allowed me to take a look at how my caregiving experience was taking over my life. I need balance and this program brought that to life."

"I am at the tail end of the Baby Boomer generation, but this program was thought provoking. It was easy to take, kept my interest, and I was definitely inspired to plan for my future."

"It has given a sense of grace and dignity to a “dreaded” role in life."

"I have an aging husband and I know that caregiving will be on my path soon. The program helped me prepare for the issues I may face and it drove home the point that a caregiver has to care for themselves too."

"This program made me jump start my plans for aging and highlighted how much I need to do to prepare for the next steps. It was easy. I loved the people in the video, very relatable. The program was very linear and kept my interest."

About Us

Paula C. Sellars, M.S.W.

President & Chief Program Designer


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